Rhodes in Modern Times


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Author  Cecil Torr
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 7, 2012
Pages  128

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The ancient history of Rhodes closes with the Second Century of our Era. I ts history thenceforward has not yet been seriously attempted, except that from 1309 to 1522 it is incidentally treated in works on the Knights Hospitallers. The great historian of the Knights is Bosio, I storia del sacro militare ordine Gerosolimitano, 1594 1602. He has directly or indirectly furnished the later historians with nearly all their facts: and he is seldom responsible for their fictions, which they have generally obtained from Vertot, Histoire des chevaliers hospitallers, 1726. But Bosio did not use his materials accurately or critically or impartially ;and he had not access to much that is now at hand. In fact, anything approaching an authentic history of the Knights has yet to be written. The works dealing with the modern history of Rhodes are mainly compounded from histories of the Knights and from books of travel: and these books of travel are chiefly by archaeologists who despised mediaeval castles or churches, unless ancient sculptures or inscriptions had been built into the walls. Coronelli and Parisotti, sola di Rodi, 1688, took their facts from Bosio. Rottiers, Description des monuments de Rhodes, 1828 1830, obtained his drawings from one Greek and his facts from another ;and neither Greek was trustworthy.
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