American Journal of Philology, Vol. 2


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Author  Jstor Jstor
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
Pages  576

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Vol. II. No. 5. I. VERRIUS FLACCUS. .II. In the following essay I wish to consider some points connected with the fortunes of the DeV erborum Signiftcaiu in the first five centuries of the Christian era. The main question which I would raise is whether the philological writers of those centuries have preserved fragments of Verrius other than tht5se which have survived in the epitomes of Festus and Paulus. I observed in my preceding essay that the work of Verrius was the first great encyclopaedia, alphabetically arranged, that was known in Roman literature. That it should be largely consulted by the scholars and antiquarians of the first and second centuries is only what we should expect, and there is evidence enough that this was the fact. Let us first take two celebrated scholars of the first century, Quintilian and Pliny the Elder. Quintilian was not a professed philologist, but he sometimes has occasion to touch lightly on questions of etymology and antique expression. In his first book (4, 13) he alludes to such archaisms as Vaesu, Ftcsii for Valerii and Furii, meriare for mersarefaedos for haedo Syduellum for bellutn stloctcs for locus. Now it can hardly be an accident that every one of these words is to be found in Festus or Paulus. Valesius and Fusius are discussed in Paulus p. 33, meriare pp. 81 and I2y faedos p. 84, duellum p. 66, stlocus p.
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