The Town and People


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Author  Julia Minor Strong
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 6, 2012
Pages  392

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The life of a town, as of individuals, is a treasur) of experience, which results in social progress and improvement, and its real value depends, not on its length and breadth, hut upon the character of its people, their integrity, industry, goodness and loyalty as individuals. A year ago the thought occurred to the compiler that a Souvenir Book of Woodbury, which should represent this historic town of New England and people, would be of interest to the present generation, and to those who had been residents in other years. The letter of invitation desired historic reminiscences, descriptions of present locations, topics of interest and selected writings from present and former inha)itants of WO odbury. The replies received contained words of congratulation and pleasant recollections. Each respt)nse has )een considered a valued treasure. All the events and writings included in these pages exist twice, at the time when they first occurred, and again as they are brought to mind for the )leasure and benefit of a later time, they serve to unite the i)ast with the present and to help on the future. Special acknowledgment and grateful appreciation is expressed to all who have taken a kindly interest in the preparation of this book, and to the Waterbury American and AA oodbury Reporter for permission to include writings regarding this town which had been contributed to their pages. The illustrations of the town have been prepared from )hotographs taken by the Editor of this book.
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