Our Peril on the Eastern Front


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Author  Clarence L. Speed
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 5, 2012
Pages  30

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Western Front. German armies were driving victoriously forward. German troops were filled with enthusiasm and the will to win. There was imminent danger that the British and French armies would be separated and crushed in detail, and the Allied cause lost in military defeat before America could make her weight felt. Today this immediate peril has disappeared. German armies are in retreat. German soldiers are dispirited. American millions are pouring into France, full of fighting enthusiasm. British and French alike have been rejuvenated in spirit. Prospects now are bright for a decisive military victory for tlie Allied cause. Nevertheless there remains great danger that Germany will win this war. The Central Powers have gained hundreds of thousands of square miles of territory and power over millions of people by their victories on the Eastern Front. Even before the war they had millions of Slavs imder their control. All Russia, as matters now stand, lies open to Teutonic domination and exploitation unless the Allies give effective assistance. Our greatest peril now lies on the Eastern Front. After decisively defeating Germany in the West the Allies must dictate a peace which will force her to disgorge all she has gained in the East. They must go further and force A ustria-H ungary to set free the Slav peoples Czechoslovaks of Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia; Jugo-S lavs comprising the Slovenes, Croatians, Dalmatians and Serbs; the Poles and Ruthenes of Galicia, and the Rumanians of Transylvania and part of Bukowina and consent to their formation into independent barrier states which will forever bar Teutonic expansion to the Eastward. If the Allies do not do this, Germany will in time consolidate and organize these possessions, prepare to feed herself despite all blockades, form an army twice the size of the one she was able to put into the field in this war,
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