The Anabasis of Xenophon


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Author  Augustus Taber Murray
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
Pages  552

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This edition of the Anabasis was undertaken with no other end in view than the production of a book which might prove interesting and helpful to the student of Oreek in the early stages of his study, and a useful manual for the teacher. The text given follows Qemoll more closely than any other editor, but by no means all of his readings have been accepted. In general no real revision of the text has been undertaken. A very few excisions have been made, but for the most part square brackets have been used to designate words or phrases of doubtful authenticity. In passages in which the true reading is uncertain the needs of those for whom the book is intended have naturally led the editor to give a readable text. The text of the entire Anabasis (seven books), is given, although the commentary covers only the four books commonly read. The interesting narrative of the later books is therefore available for sight translation, and the vocabulary has been made to cover all seven books, not the first four merely. The vocabulary itself is condensed, and is meant to supply only what the student of Xenophon needs and can use. This is particularly true in the matter of etymologies, where a scientific treatment seems quite beyond the reach of the average student of Xenophon, and it is true also in the matter of verb forms.
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