Race Life of the Aryan Peoples


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Author  Joseph Pomeroy Widney
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 19, 2012
Pages  370

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Three parallel streams of A ryan blood, separate and distinct from each other, crossed the Atlantic to the New World in quest of homes: upon the south, the Ibero Latin Spaniard; upon the north, the Celto Latin Frenchman ;midway between, a mixed stream of Teutonic peoples. Of these three the Spaniard had the start of the Teuton by a century; the Frenchman by some years. What became of these different streams of A ryan blood in the new lands, under new climatic conditions, with changed physical surroundings, in a vastly broader field of action, is the question which lies before us. As they had clashed and battled, the one against the other in the older home for supremacy and dominion, so they clashed and battled in the new. It was only the old conflict transferred to new fields. To the Teuton there was this difference, that whereas in the old home his land lay practically between the Slav on the north and the mixed Latin bloods upon the south, in the new home the Slav element to the problem was eliminated, and his battle for race supremacy was with the Latinized bloods alone.
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