The Kelt or Gael


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Author  Thomas De Courcy Atkins
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 22, 2012
Pages  98

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Elementary Condition of History. Mosaic Cosmogony. Corrected by Science, A stronomy, Geology, Biology, Philology. I ts Divisions of Language. The European A ryan, Migration, Race. The history of races, even if the word itself have Elementary ,. condition of a meaning, has not only not been yet written; history. it has not even been approached. The evidence for such a work has not even been collected. The Mosaic theory of creation accepted by Largely due the A ryan from the Semite, and derived as to its Mosaic machinery from Chaldea, and as to its theism == syfrom Egypt, alleges that the earth, sun, moon, and stars, vegetable and animal life, were created in six days. It starts man with family life and a language. It alleges a subsequent catastrophe called the deluge, by which the greater part of terrestrial animal life was destroyed; and a further catastrophe by which men were dispersed ,over the earth, and made to speak different languages.
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