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Author  Alexander Palma Di Cesnola
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  406

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Island of Cyprus, consisting of several different periods of its civilisation, have certainly cast a new and important light on the history of art, for they form a connecting link between the Greek and Phoenician, or A ryan and Semitic civilisation. That Cyprus received colonists from the three continents of the old world is undoubted. Evidence of the Phoenician and Greek colonists is proved by the remains of these nationalities found on the coast and elsewhere, while the conquest of the island by Egypt and Assyria has been recorded in the annals of those countries, and their arts have left the stamp of their impression on the sculpture of Cyprus. At the time of the eighteenth Egyptian dynasty, fifteen or sixteen centuries before Christ, Cyprus was known to the Egyptians, and had evidently been colonised and inhabited. The Greeks anterior to the time of Homer had peopled portions of the island, and the coast was held by their settlements, the establishment of which has been attributed to the period of the Nostoi, or return of the Greeks from the Trojan War, and cannot be referred to a later date than nine centuries before Christ. These settlers had evidently brought with them the Cypriote alphabet, invented before that known as the Greek, examples of which cannot be identified earlier than six centuries before the Christian era. Contemporaneously, or later, the Phoenicians had migrated to Cyprus, and mingled with the Hellenic
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