Syntax of Classical Greek from Homer to Demosthenes...


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Author  Basil L. Gildersleeve
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 11, 2012
Pages  204

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Ix compliance with the wishes of many of my former pupils, I have determined to publish my Greek Syntax in parts. The framework was planned many years ago, and corresponds in its structure to the scheme of my Latin Grammar, the first edition of which was published in 1867. In fact, the Latin Syntax was based on the MS of the Greek. Doubtless the syntactician of (4 to-day will find ample opportunity to criticise the arrangement, f but to refashion the book would require more time than the tspeeding years will allow me to presume on. Nor will I under take in this place a vindication of the principles that have .guided me in my syntactical studies. A word, however, as to the order of the examples may be deemed appropriate. A catena of syntactical usage would be a memorable achievement, and ;I do not deny that at one time I thought it possible to organize t4 such a work, for which a large staff of helpers would have been needed; but I have learned to renounce this ambitious scheme, and even the present far more modest undertaking would have been impossible unless I had associated with myself a scholar who is acquainted with every detail of my syntactical work, published and unpublished, and who has brought to the task not only a hearty sympathy with my views and methods, but a clearness of judgment and an accuracy in details that have been of great service to me in my own researches. In completing the list of examples, and in filling up the gaps in the presentation, I have availed myself freely of his help, and we have worked side by side in the collection and the scrutiny of the passages cited; and to this pupil, colleague, friend, Professor C. W. K. Ml
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