Serpents in the Garden& Sex


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Publisher  AK Press
Publication Date   May 1, 2004
Pages  240

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The latest in the award-winning Counterpunch series detonates an explosion of voracious, opinionated and witty fireworks on the unexpected intersections of politics, art, music, architecture and sex.

In addition to 13 essays by Cockburn and St. Clair—dissecting everything from Angelina Jolie’s connections to sex, death and the French Revolution to their famous “best books of the last 100 years.” Serpents in the Garden showcases essays from the nation’s most exciting and radical cultural critics—including music historian Bruce Jackson, historian Peter Linebaugh, Lenni Brenner, scriptwriter Ben Tripp, blues pianist David Vest, sex therapist Susan Block, JoAnn Wypijewski, folklorist Susan Davis, Ron Jacobs, Susan Martinez and Andrew Cockburn.

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