The Tomb of Iouiya and Touiyou


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Publisher  Duckworth Publishers
Publication Date   September 1, 2000
Pages  100

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Before the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922, the greatest find ever made in the Valley of the Kings was the 3,000-year-old tomb of Yuya (Iouiya) and Tjuyu (Touiyou), parents-in-law of King Amenophis III of the 18th Dynasty. The tomb contained their wonderfully preserved mummies, lying within magnificent coffins and surrounded by a gorgeous array of palace furniture and funerary equipment. This book containing the excavator s official reports on this important find was originally published in 1907-1908. Preface; by Theodore M. Davis List of Plates and Illustrations Notice on Iouiya and Touiyou by Professor Gaston Maspero The Finding of the Tomb by Theodore M. Davis Descriptions of the Objects found in the Tomb by Percy E. Newberry The Sarcophagus of Iouiya Outer Coffin of Iouiya Second Coffin of Iouiya Inner Coffin of Iouiya Mask and Mummy-Straps of Iouiya Canopic Jar-Box of Iouiya Book of the Dead The Sarcophagus of Touiyou Outer Coffin of Touiyou Inner Coffin of Touiyou Mask and Mummy-Straps of Touiyou Canopic Jar-Box of Touiyou Funerary Statuettes of Iouiya and Tuoiya Alabaster Vase Bearing the Name of Amenophis III and Queen Thyi Magical Figure of Iouiya Alabaster Vase Alabaster Vase Dummy Vases Amulets The Chariot Chair of Princess Sat-Amen Chair Bearing the Names of Queen Titi and Princess Sat-Amen Osiris Beds Coffer Bearing the Names of Amenophis III Coffer Bearing the Names of Amenophis III and Queen Thyi Staff and Whip

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