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Author  Robert Fowler Leighton
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 4, 2012
Pages  292

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These Lessons have been prepared to accompany either Goodwin sor Hadley s Greek Grammar, and are intended as an introduction to Xenophon s Anabasis, from which the exercises and vocabularies are mainly selected, or to Goodwin s Greek Reader. They consist of about eighty lessons, both Greek and English, Additional Exercises to be Translated into Greek, Harvard Examination Papers in Greek Composition, Questions for Examination and Review, and Vocabularies. Under each Lesson definite directions have been given in regard to the amount of the Grammar to be learned. The exercises, while easy and progressive, are designed to ground the pupil thoroughly in grammatical forms, inflections, and the simpler principles of Syntax. The exercises are so arranged that the pupil can use them from the very outset of his study, thus having the means furnished him of applying the knowledge of the Grammar that he is daily acquiring. In order to aid the pupil in memorizing the vocabularies under each lesson, some insight has been given into the derivation and composition of words, how they are built up, by means of significant endings, from noun and verb stems, and from roots.
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