Mo Historic! Celtica, Vol. 1 of 3


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Author  William Dinan
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  374

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Celts that are to be found scattered through the works of the writers of Greece and Rome. These materials deal with a people whose homes spread over Europe, from the fresh fields of I reland to the torrid plains of Asia Minor, and from the rich mountains of the Spanish peninsula to the uninviting depths of the Hercynian Forest. The earliest reference to this mighty race is found in the Homeric epic, and the latest reference given in these volumes is taken from a writer of the fifth century A.D. The value of this work then must lie altogether in the arrangement of its materials; for it is evident that what we learn from the Carthaginian explorer, Himilco, about the life of the tribes who worked the mines of Britain when Carthage was mistress of the Mediterranean and Rome did not exist, cannot be held to apply to the Celts of Galatia to whom Paul addressed his exhortations ;nor can the social life of the Celts of Britain depicted by Poseidonius help us to form an idea of the conditions under which their Celtic contemporaries lived in the valleys of the Po and of theD
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