Dictionary of Latin and Greek Quotations, Proverbs...


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Author  Henry T. Riley
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 10, 2012
Pages  664

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Dictionary of Latin Quotations more copious, correct, and complete than any hitherto published had long been a cherished idea of the publisher, and awaited onlytime and circumstance for its development. Finding in the present editor a gentleman well qualified both by reading and industry to carry out his views, he placed the materials in his hands, and these with large additions, the fruit of further researches, are now laid before the reader. The present collection differs from its predecessors in being limited exclusively to Latin and Greek quotations, the publisher intending, at a later period, to give French, I talian, Spanish, and German, in a separate volume. This arrangement has enabled him to nearly quadruple the number of Latin quotations given heretofore, and to extend the number of Greek from about twenty to upwards of five hundred ;amounting in all to an aggregate of more than eight thousand.
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