Ancient Church Dedications in Scotland, Vol...


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Author  James Murray Mackinlay
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  594

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Ancient Church Dedications in Scotland. In the previous volume I dealt with our ecclesiastical buildings under the invocation of Scriptural Saints. In the present volume I deal with those dedicated to non-S criptural Saints, native and foreign. An attempt is made on the one hand to glance at the structural aspects of the ecclesiastical buildings here intro duced, and, on the other, to supply information, historical and legendary, regarding their titulars, as well as to indicate the connection of these titulars with festivals, art, and topography. Dedications to All Saints are not discussed in the following pages, as reference was made to them in my previous volume. Since my chapters went to press, Mr. W. Moir Bryce has issued his St. Margaret of Scotland and her Chapel in the Castle of Edinburgh, in which the conclusion is expressed that the chapel in question was founded by the Queen, and that its chancel arch was added by her son David I. I have once more to express my indebtedness to Mr. David Douglas for his courtesy in allowing me to use the stamp of the Calvary Cross and Sword, reproduced from the late T. S. Muir s Ecclesiological Notes. J. M. M. THE LEE, EDINBURGH, May
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