The Eumenides of Aeschylus With A Introduction, Commentary


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Author  A. W. Verrall
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  272

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More than once it has been brought near to completi DnT I hope and believe that it has gained in maturity; but it may retain some traces of discontinuity, which, if Jfoud, the facts will explain. The books which I have most used are the editions of the play by Paley, by Mr A. Sidgwick, and by Prof. N. Wecklein, both his critical edition and that with explanatory notes. Much is due to periodical publications, especially to papers by Dr W. Headlam. Obligations, so far as I am aware of them, are acknowledged in their place; but I am conscious of debts not traceable. Many of my own scattered publications I have adapted or modified without notice. In particular, I have not remarked on the frequent disagreement between this book and the acting edition of the play, which I made when it was performed at Cambridge in 1885. The requirements of that occasion will account for any divergence. More perhaps than to any book, or as much, I am indebted to conversations, especially with colleagues in Trinity College or in Cambridge. I am certain, for instance, that to the late Mr R. A. Neil of Pembroke College I owe many hints and corrections, though not one can I definitely refer to him. Sir Richard Jebb also must have left traces of this kind upon my work, and others, both lost and living, whom I cannot distinguish.
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