Where Half the World, Is Waking Up, the Old...


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Author  Clarence Poe
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 12, 2012
Pages  298

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Mr. Gilbert Chesterton begins one of his books by saying, has half its members in A sia. That Americans should know something about so considerable a portion of our human race is manifestly worth while. And really to know them at all we must know them as they are to-day. Vast changes are in progress, and even as I write this, the revolution in China, foreshadowed in the chapters written by me from that country, is remaking the political life of earths oldest empire. From Japan to India there is industrial, educational, political ferment. The old order changes, yielding place to the new. Where Half the World is Waking Up is not inappropriate therefore as the title of the book now offered to the public. The reader will kindly observe here that I have written of where half the world is waking up and not merely of the waking-up itself. My purpose has been to set forth the old and the new in due proportion; to present the play of new forces against and upon the ancient, the amazingly ancient, forces that have dominated whole races for centuries. In most places, in fact, the ancient force is still clearly the dominant one. Observe, too, therefore, that I have written not of where half the world has waked up, but only of where it is waking up. The significant thing is that the waking is really taking place at all, and of this there can be no doubt.
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