Orations of Demosthenes


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Author  Thomas Leland Demosthenes
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 8, 2012
Pages  472

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Greek orators, was born in Attica in the deme or ward Pieania in the year 384 B,c, His father was a weahhy man, being a manufacturer of swords, and owning also a furniture factor ;he died when Demosthenes was a child of seven. For his early nurture and training Demosthenes was indebted to his mother Oeobule, and his inherited wealth was put in charge of three trustees, who however dishonestly squandered it, so that instead of yielding an income of three thousand dollars a year, it was found, when Demosthenes at length acquired it, to give but three hundred at the most. The natural genius of Demosthenes was directed towards the study of oratory by the brilliant successes of Callistratus, and he was also anxious to prosecute at law his dishonest guardians, A phobus, Demophon and Therippides. He accordingly put himself under the instruction of I sseus, who is reckoned fifth among the ten Attic orators. Demosthenes, like Cicero, had to contend with serious physical disabilities in fitting himself for the contests of the bar and the public assembly. There are many stories told about the methods he adopted to acquire strength of lung and clearness of articulation. He is said, in his desire for solitary study and training, to have secluded himself in a cave shaving half his head so as to unfit himself for appearing in public; to have practised speaking with pebbles in his month; and to have harangued the roaring waves that he might leam to outclamor the noise of the assembly.
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