The Orations of Demosthenes


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Author  Thomas Leland Demosthenes
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 8, 2012
Pages  202

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To animate a people renowned for justice, humanity, and valour, yet in many instances degenerate and corrupted; to warn them of the dangers of luxury, treachery, and bribery ;of the ambition and perfidy of a powerful foreign enemy; to recall the glory of their ancestors to their thoughts; and to inspire them with resolution, vigour, and unanimity; to correct abuses, to restore discipline, to revive and enforce the generous sentiments of patriotism and public spirit: these were the great purposes for which the following Orations were originally pronounced. The subject therefore may possibly recommend them to a British reader, even under the disadvantages of a translation, by no means worthy of the famous original. His candour may pardon them; or sometimes, perhaps, they may escape him, if he sutlers his imagination to Depossessed with that enthusiasm which our orator is, of all others, most capable of inspiring; and will, for a while, interest himself in the cause of A thens. To the history of Greece, I must suppose he is no stranger. Vet, though it may not inform him, his memory may possibly be assisted, by a summary review of the affairs and interests of that country; particularly of those divisions, which had a long time subsisted between its principal states, and on which Philip justly grounded his hopes of success, in his attempts upon their liberties. These states were Lacedemon, A thens, and Thebes. The first, famous for her ancient kings, had acquired new splendour under the reign of Lycurgus. The wisdom of the constitution which he established, and the exact obedience paid to his laws, preserved the state from those domestic divisions which prevailed in other places; and the remarkable temperance or Sparta, the severity of her discipline, her public spirit, and concern for the liberty and happiness of other communities, made her long revered as the p
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