Five Years in Damascus


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Author  Josias Leslie Porter
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 10, 2012
Pages  426

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The following work is not a book of travels, penned during a summers ramble or a winters residence. It is the result of researcbes extending over a period of more than five years. Though I have wandered through most of Palestine, I have here confined my attention to a few provinces hitherto but little kno Wn; my object being not so much to amuse as to instruct. My professional duties not only obliged me to study the language and customs of the people of the land, but to traverse their country, and visit their towns and villages. I have thus had opportunities of minutely examining the topography and antiquities, and of acquiring information regarding ancient sites, such as are enjoyed by few travellers. My tastes also led me to improve every opportunity I possessed, and to study, the ancient geography and history of Palestine combined with the best works of modern travel The district to which my researches have here been confined is among the most interesting inS
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