The Children of the Nations


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Author  Poultney Bigelow
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 7, 2012
Pages  388

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It is largely the result of personal observation in parts of the world controlled by the great colonizing powers. We Americans have now a Colonial Empire to administer, and we cannot afford to be indifferent to a matter which has in times past profoundly modified the constitution of nearly every great civilized nation. An effort has here been made to point out why one country has failed and another succeeded. It is our hope that earnest people may ultimately induce Congress to establish a National University for the study of subjects in which a colonial official should be proficient. We need a species of Colonial West Point; we owe it to our fellow-men whether they be Spanish or Tagalog; Chinese or Malay; Papist or Pagan; East or West Indian that we give them a government based on. business principles. We can expect no assistance in Washington until one of the great political parties is made to feel the effect of an awakened public conscience.
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