Persia, the Land of the Magi or the Home...


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Author  Samuel Kasha Nweeya
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  486

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Dear Readers: In presenting to you this volume on his native land, the author wishes to say that in undertaking to describe so extensive and celebrated a region as the Persian Empire, he is by no means insensible to the difficulty of the task on which he enters. The subject is wide and intricate, while the sources of information are frequently imperfect, or obscure; but it has been his study by adopting a distinct arrangement, and by consulting the best authorities, to present his readers with a correct and complete picture of that interesting portion of Western A sia. Being a native and personally acquainted with many parts of the country, he has availed himself of the observations of the greater ntmiber of modem travelers, both to correct his own opinions and to supply additional facts, in describing: Persia I ts history. Political character of the Persian Empire. The King, his Court and his Palace. Civil and Criminal Law. A ccotmt of the provinces of Persia. The antiquities of Persia.
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