Claudius Ptolemy and the Nile


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Author  William Desborough Cooley
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  126

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Niebuhr effected in Eoman History, and be reconstructed on grounds strictly rational and authentic, it will not possess the precision and solidity of which it is capable, and without which it must ever remain a barren spot in the field of knowledge. It is in the earliest ages that the geographical element of history has most importance. Man then depends more on nature than on events. Allusions to trade and intercourse, handed down from ancient times, reveal the necessary steps of advancing civilization. They are intrinsically more definite and certain; point more plainly to cause and effect; and deal less with casualty than the records of war and conquest. But they are too essentially real to bear corruption. The narrative of events may not be the less captivating, or less generally accepted, because it has been moulded into a romance. In the description of the transitory scenes of life, we may be, and often are satisfied with verisimilitude; but in every reference to permanent nature we must have the truth, and geographical statements deficient in recognizable truth, soon become unintelligible, and consequently worthless.
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