El Dorado


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Author  Van Heuvel
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  186

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A mong the distinguished names which shine in the pages of Modern History, scarce any holds a more conspicuous place than Sir Walter Raleigh. And equally to an American as to the inhabitants of his own country, is his history interesting, as his enterprising spirit first led to the discovery of that part of North America which is now the United States; and made the first attempts to colonize it whence he has been called the Father of American Colonization. His brilliant and varied talents, his bold and daring genius, his chivalric courage; his services to his country, both by land and sea, which were the fruits of these qualities, particularly his maritime expeditions ;combined with his ardent love of science and his extensive knowledge and in the end, his melancholy fate, have often been portrayed by writers of his own country, with enthusiastic admiration, mingled with deep sympathy and regret. A portion of his life may, however, it is believed, even now, from a further knowledge of facts, be more fully elucidated. The melancholy catastrophe of it, had its origin in various expeditions which he made during a long period to Guyana, in South A merica, in pursuit of the fabled city of El Dorado supposed by him to be within its limits and of the rich mineral treasures with which it abounded. But this part of his life has been less particularly examined than any other. While the sentence against him has been denounced, with unqualified condemnation, by historians generally, for the grounds on which it was founded, as unjust, tyrannical and oppressive ;the censures he became subject to, from the representations he made of that country, as a weak victim to credulity, or the dishonest fabricator of the glowing accounts he gave of it, made, it was alleged, with the view of regaining the favor of an offended sovereign, have continued, yet, to throw some shade on the
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