The Alphabet and Language, Immortality of...


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Author  Thomas Magee
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 17, 2012
Pages  112

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This will especially be true where a lover of good books constantly sees, from library re ports, how small a proportion of such books are tasted beside the vast number of trashy volumes devoured. The writer of these essays knows that the subjects herein treated are great and profitable ones, and that, even if he has been incompetent to do anything like justice to them, or has misapprehended some of their teachings and laws, his book still contains enough instructive and elevating facts to attract the attention of students. He thereby hopes to lead them to pursue the study of some at least of the subjects herein directly or indirectly treated. He has derived intense pleasure and profit therefrom; others cannot fail to give like testimony, if they use like diligence. The author has long been deeply impressed with the necessity of mental digestion and assimilation following reading. If they do not, reading is but unprofitable cramming, from which no real mental nutriment is derived. He, therefore, urges students to think as they read, and to allow no author to impress his conclusions upon them until they have themselves carefully exercised their best judgment upon the subject under review.
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