The Origin of the Aryans


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Author  Isaac Taylor
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  380

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Diagram of A ryan Migrations .2. Diagram of Cephalic and Orbital Indices 3. Long Barrow Skull from Rudstone 4. Round Barrow Skull from Cowlam 5. Side View of Skull from Rudstone 6. Side View of Skull from Cowlam 7. Long Barrow Skull from Sherburn 8. Round Barrow Skull from Flixton 9. Skull from a Cave at Sclaigneaux 10. Skull from a Tumulus at Borreby 11. Skulls from I lderton and Borreby 12. Helvetian Skull .... 13. Roman Skull 14. Skull from Gibraltar ... 15. Skull of a Man from Hissarlik, Bronze A ge 16. Skulls from Hissarlik and Gibraltar 17. Skull of St. Mansuy .18. Skull,OF an A uvergnat 19. Skull from Hissarlik, Stone A ge 2a Skull from the Trou de Frontal 21. RH-fi TiANS kull .... 22. Iberian and Silurian Skulls 23. Copper Celt, from Swiss Lake Dwelling 24. Horses, Engraved on Reindeer Antler 25. Horseman, from Cyprus 26. Hut Urn from Alba Longa 27. Ox-C art from a Thracian Coin 28. Skull of a Spanish Basque 29. Map
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