American Journal of Philology, Vol. 1


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Author  Project Muse
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  552

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Vol. I. No. i. EDITORIAL NOTE. The establishment of some such medium of intercommunication as this journal hopes to become has long been thought desirable by the foremost scholars of the country. The project was mooted several ears ago at the meeting of the American Philological A ssociation, held in Easton, and the plan has never been wholly lost sight of by its advocates. More recently, in yet other quarters, an effort has been made to set such a journal on foot, and indications of the ripening purpose have not been wanting in different sections of the Union, so that I was but giving expression to a widespread conviction when I said in my address as President of the Philological Association at its meeting in Saratoga (J uly, 1878): It certainly betokens great supineness on the part of our scholars that a country which boasts a Journal of Speculative Philosophy, should not have even a solitary periodical devoted to a science which counts its professed votaries by hundreds, if not by thousands, and that our professors and teachers should be satisfied with consigning an occasional paper to the slow current of a volume of transactions, or with exposing a stray lucubration to struggle for notice amidst the miscellaneous matter of a review or the odds and ends of an educational magazine.
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