The Iliad of Homer, Books IVI With an Introduction...


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Author  Robert P. Keep
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  566

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This edition of a part of the Iliad differs from any other which has hitherto appeared in our country, in the amount and variety of the introductory matter which immediately precedes the text; and a few words may seem called for, explaining why this matter has been introduced, and suggesting how it may be most profitably used. The object of the Introduction is to open the way to the study of Homer, by giving the student some idea of Epic Poetry, in general, and information upon the origin, history, and transmission of the Homeric poems, in particular. A sufficient account of Homeric criticism is also given to enable the reader to enter intelligently into the discussion which is wont to arise among educated men when the name Homer is mentioned. The Essay on Scanning has been inserted on account of the difficulty which the writer has observed that his own pupils have always found in learning to scan well. The dactylic hexameter is not usually treated in our Greek grammars as a distinct subject by itself, but boys are ordinarily left to depend entirely upon the metrical knowledge which they have acquired in connection with their study of Vergil.
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