Leaflets from the Notebook of an Archaeological...


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Author  J. R. Sitlington Sterrett
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  28

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There is ever a charm about the quaint unchanging Orient. The traveler soon finds that his heart has been led captive by his romantic surroundings, and the chains which bind him to the East become riveted all the more Kfirmly if he deal in ancient lore, if he tread the ground for the sake of p:: ages, seeking in the sands of time for the footprints of men that are gone long centuries ago. He may have traveled in the East before; its scenes may all be familiar, but nevertheless he is always charmed anew as Jthe steamer approaches its destined port. Everything around him breathes of poetry and romance; the beturbaned crowd with its brilliant costumes, and the life on the wharfs, in the streets and bazars, are ever new and strange. Nature, too, is so beautiful, the air so sweet, the sun so gorgeous, not obscurely bright, but one unclouded blaze of living light. The traveler is indeed in a new world, where, strange as it may seem, even the dirt charms, to say nothing of the dogs and the beggars. in CO OUTFIT AND METHOD OF SCIENTIFIC TRAVEL IN TURKEY. The first work of the Archaeologist upon arriving in Asia Minor is to complete his outfit. This will be more or less elaborate according to the ui means at his disposal and the length of time he proposes to be absent in the interior. There are no hotels in the interior if I may except the caravansaries in the larger towns; and although one would rarely have to suffer the direst necessities in case he should choose to travel in sole reliance upon the hospitality of the natives for the Turks, in common with all semi-civilized nations, have the virtue of hospitality yet for many reasons the scientific traveler must go prepared to be wholly independent of native hospitality. 5j Owing to the light in which Moslems regard their women, that is, owing to rj the fact that the women must be secluded as much as possible in the
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