Considerations on the Continuance of the Slave...


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Author  Unknown Author
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 18, 2012
Pages  30

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Whatever may be the fituation of the people of Africa among themfelves, their being fent away from their native country and kindred attachments into foreign Slavery, is as much the object of their averfion as it would be of ours to receive the fame treatment at their hands; and any laws we can make for regulating the trade and treatment of Slaves, cannot be expeded to produce any other change in their minds, than would be made in our own by any regulations which, under a reverfe of circumftances, might be made as to the manner in which we Hiould be treated on our being delivered into their hands; and their averfion to foreign Slavery, continuing to be the fame after any new regulations of ours may be made, they will of courfe continue to ufe, as they have done, their utmcft efforts to prevent themfelves from being taken and fent duwn to their fea coaO; and dehvered into our hands.
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