The Natural History of Horses


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Author  Chas. Hamilton Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  422

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We have again to lament the delay which has taken place in bringing out a Yoliime of this popular Work; and although not in the order we promised in our last advertisement, we have now the pleasure of publishing the present, from the pen and pencil of a most distinguished contributor, one which cannot fail of interesting all classes; for the Horse is, indeed, in the concluding words of the A uthor, the animal destined by Almighty Wisdom to be the solace and servant of man. In our last publication we anticipated that the Natural History of the Marsupialia, or pouched animals, would have taken precedence of this Volume, but, from unavoidable delay, it must be our next in order. We are most happy to be able now to assure onr Subscribers of the steady progress of this Work until the Forty Volumes are completed, that on the subject just mentioned, and the first on the Fishes of the Essequibo and Guiana, by Mr.
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