Elements of Latin Pronunciation


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Author  Samuel Stehman Haldeman
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  78

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StfS EST LITERARTJM, UT CUSTODIANT VOCES ET VELTJT DEPOSITUM EEDDANT LEQENTIBUS: ITAQXJE ID EXPKI- MERE DEBENT, QUOD DICTURI SUMUS. QXJIIS rOT. INST. OR. I. VII. The use of letters is to preserve vocal sounds, and, as it were, return the deposit to the reader: therefore they should express what we have to say. In making some inquiries into the phonetic peculiarities of the aboriginal languages of North A merica, I found myself at a loss, from the want of an alphabet in which to record my results, those of Europe being more or less corrupt; and finding the statements respecting the Latin alphabet to a certain extent contradictory and unsatisfactory, I resolved to investigate it, with the intention of using it strictly according to its Latin signification, as far as this could be ascertained. This special inquiry being made, a view of the results is here presented. Pronunciation is the basis of philology, and without a knowledge of it, in examining the various writings likely to be used for philological purposes, little progress can be made in this science. It is of little use to show a person unacquainted with A rabic and Greek characters, that I dmistry is derived from L;,t and not from ji Doj or to inform a pupil that the South English wordi plow, is derived from a North English word, written plough with six characters, if he does not know what words these characters are intended to represent.
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