Pan-Germanism, Its Plans for German Expansion...


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Author  Ch Ch
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 19, 2012
Pages  90

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The German intellectuals seek to exculpate Germany by insisting on the various proofs William II has given of his desire for peace during the twenty-five years of his reign. We will not here question the sincerity of the pacific assurances it has been German Emperor spleasure to make from time to time. We do not deny that, in exchange for A lsace Lorraine, William II has more than once sent us memorial wreaths, sheaves of flowers and telegrams of condolence on such occasions as the death of a Marshal of France, the loss of a submarine, or an accident to a dirigible balloon. It was customary for the French Government to acknowledge these Imperial courtesies in suitable terms. William II even gave us a more practical token of sympathy by sending a band of rescuers at the time of the explosion of fire-damp at Courriferes. In return, we sacrificed the lives of several French soldiers during the fire at the Summer Palace of Pekin, to save the precious existence of Field Marshal von Waldersee. We can believe that for some considerable time German diplomacy did not desire war with France, or at least that it did not wish war with France to be its first war. But did it desire no war? That is another question.
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