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Author  Rev. E. Oesterley E. Oesterley
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   June 30, 2012
Pages  122

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Thesis1 is limited in scope and of a very specialized character. My apology for producing a Disser tation of such obvious limitations is that the work itself is essentially preparatory in character; it does not claim to be anything more than a Vorarbeit. Unfortunately, preliminary studies of this kind are still a desideratum in the field of O.T. versions. Before we can deal in any adequate way with the text of these some attempt must be made to ascertain what the true text in each case is. This is very far from being possible of attainment yet; a vast amount of labour must be expended before the great mass of material and evidence can be fully utilized. Meanwhile I venture to think that workers in this field can best advance the scientific study of the subject by investigations of a detailed and minute character on preliminary questions. Such an attempt has been made in the following pages. The essay is divided into four sections: i. The Septuagint. ii. The later Greek versions, iii. The Complutensian and Aldine texts, iv. The Latin versions. i. This section is subdivided thus: a. Discussion of certain MSS. b. Text and apparatus criticus. c. Discussion on the Hes. and Luc. recensions. Before one can deal adequately with the material for forming the true text of the LXX., the MSS. must, as far as possible, be grouped into families. This is an admitted canon. On the basis of Cornill sand Klostermann sclassifications I have proceeded to examine the evidence of MSS., presumably of the Hesychian and Lucianic types. The material at ones disposal is not all that could be wished; we have but few MSS. of the Septuagint in this country. I have collated four of these, so far as the text of A mos is concerned: the uncial Q(heliotype) and the cursive 22 (H. and P.) in the British Museum, the cursive 62 in New Coll. Library, and the cursive 147 in the Bodleian; for the re
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