Narrative of a Voyage to Madeira, Teneriffe...


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Author  W. R. Wilde
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  518

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Tlie present condition of Egypt :in lcharacter of Mohammad A lee Diversity of Opiuious I nijjressions received in the Country Parts and in the Cities Egypt tried by an unfair standard Prophecies of Ezekiel Introduction of the Memlooks Their debasing Goverinuent Testimony of Volney War of 1802 Rise of lohanmiad A lee Destruction of the Memlook Keys Exchange of Tyrants Native Instruction The Different Colleges, I nstitutions, and Eactories Grades ia Society Railroads Basha s Household His Knowledge of the State Affection for His Wife Taxation El Vects of the Battle of Koniah Regeneration of the Country, and Fullilnicnt of Prophecy Affairs iu the East Political State of Egypt Instability of the Turkish Empire Extent of Mohanimad Alec s Territory Conse(uence of this returning to the Porte Symbol of the Euphrates Right to Independence Present State of Turkey Soollau s Rule compared with the Viceroy s Effect of Mohammad A lee 3I ndependence ou European Powers His Hereditary Possession. The extraordinary diversity of opinions expressed in Egypt as well as in Europe, regarding the character and government of Mohammad A lee, and the present state of the country, is so remarkable as to demand an inquiry how those opinions have arisen, and how views so different have in their turn been adopted by the visitor and the writer. Opinions as opposite as the poles, are daily VOL. II.
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