The Historical Geography of the Holy Land, Especially...


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Author  George Adam Smith
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  754

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To this Edition two new features have been added. One is an Index of Scripture References; the other is a series of Additional Notes. The latter are similar to those published with the Second Edition. They record the more important researches and discoveries in Palestine during the past two years; the changes in the political and social condition of the country; and the recent contributions to the literature of its history and exploration. In the text of the volume I have m.ade a few alterations in accordance with the suggestions of various scholars who reviewed the First Edition, and even where I have retained my own views on points in dispute I have been careful to record theirs in the Additional Notes. One of the alterations will be found on pp. 634 f, where in face of the arguments of Professor Ramsay and Mr. W. E. Crum which I have summarised in an Additional Note on p. 680 I have felt obliged to modify the contrast I had drawn between Pagan and Christian epitaphs on the east of Jordan. I have to direct special attention to the Additional Note on A phek (see p.
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