Beginnings of Writing in Central and Eastern...


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Author  Terrien De Lacouperie
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  226

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The present work is made up of several parts, which have been printed successively since 1885. The pages 1-67 are reprints from the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society for 1885, vol. xvii. pp. 415-482. Pages 68-144, printed in 1887, have never been published; and pages 145-189, long left in type, were as much as possible re-cast in January of the present year, thanks to the kindness of Messrs. Stephen Austin and Sons, the long famous Oriental printers of Hertford. The result in the work is a great inequality, which a complete alphabetical index of the writings referred to is intended to obviate to a certain extent. Terrien de Lacodperie. FuLHAM, June,
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