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Author  Friedrich Ballhorn
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  78

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The Geammatogeapht is offered to the Public as a compendiojis introduction to the reading of the most important ancient and modem languages. Simple in its design, it will be con Bulted with advantage by the Philological Student, the Amateur Linguist, the Bookseller, the Corrector of the Press, and the diligent Compositor. Although substantially based on Bal Uiorn s Alphabete, a German compilation, which, in the space of a few years, passed through nine editions, the present manual has in several articles been very considerably improved and enlarged. Of the new observations which have been inserted, some may prove useful even when this work shall be consulted by the side of the respective Grammars. With regard to the Asiatic A lphabets, it may be stated, that the -continued efforts to obtain trustworthy specimens have, in some instances, led to highly satisfactory results. In preparing the type of the Chinese characters, the lateral Tones have been adjoined to the 214 symbols of pronunciation. These additions will enable the student, instructed by native teachers, to remember with greater facility the varying articulation of vowel-sounds. The publishers entertaiu the hope, that the present work, an humble attempt to assist in the furtherance of philological pursuits, will obtain the eiftsouraging consideration of competent scholars, whose suggestions, avai Mile for future editions, are respectfully solicited.
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