The Revolt Against Civilization


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Author  Lothrop Stoddard
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  286

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The revolutionary imrest which to-day afflicts the entire world goes far deeper than is generally supposed. I ts root-cause is not Russian Bolshevik propaganda, nor the late war, nor the French Revolution, but a process of racial impoverishment, wliich destroyed the great civilizations of the past and which threatens to destroy our own. This grim blight of civilized society has been correctly diagnosed only in recent years. The momentous biological discoveries of the past generation have revealed the true workings of those hitherto mysterious laws of life on which, in the last analysis, all human activity, depends. In the light of these biological discoveries, confirmed and amplified by investigations in other fields of science, especially psychology, all political and social problems need to be re-examined. Such a re-examination of one of these problems the problem of social revolution has been attempted in the present book. LoTHEOP Stoddard. Bbooexine, Masbachosetis, March 30, 1922.
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