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Author  Aeschylus Aeschylus
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 10, 2012
Pages  204

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EscHTLUS was born at Eleusls in A ttica, in the fourth year of the sixty-third Olympiad, B. C. 525. His fathers name was Euphorion. He belonged to a distinguished family of the class of the Eupatridoe. As Bode remarks, he probably may have traced his origin back to Codrus, the last king of A thens ;for, among the lifearchons who succeeded in the royal line was an Eschylus, in whose reign the Olympiads commenced, and who may have been an ancestor of the poet. In that case, he inherited the proudest associations, both in the legendary and the historical traditions of his race. His father seems to have been connected with the worship of Demeter; and so, from his earliest youth, he was accustomed to the spectacle of the solemn Eleusinian Mysteries, which, belonged to the most ancient, imposing, and revered services of the Hellenic religion. There is no doubt that at the proper age he was initiated into those Mysteries, which, as I socrates says, taught men to entertain sweeter hopes of a future life ;and that he continued to be a devout Geschichte der Hellenischen Diclitkunst, BIII., 280, 2:9.
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