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Author  John Bell
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  414

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According to the original plan of publication these wlumes vjould have been considerably increased in bulk, and consequently in expence ;to remove therefore this obje Bion, after some progress was made in the printing, so much of it as bad passed under the press was cancelledfor the sake of enlarging the page ;notwithstanding which, however, the same number of subje Qshave been engraved as would have ii- jiced for volumes of double the sixe. To accommodate the work to ordinary use, it is so contrived, that those who choose may bind the whole in one ijolume; while others who prefer a form less bulfy are provided with titles to preserve it in two. To the Engravings a list of authorities is annexed, that tbetr genuineness may be placed beyond the reach of a doubt. On an impartial review of the whole, the publisher flatters himself that Artists of EVERY Profession, and Scholars of all Denominations, may hence derive an abundance of informt Uton from the best of sources. British Library Strand, JOHN BELL.
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