The Topography of the Battle of Plataea


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Author  G. B. Grundy
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  90

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Boeotia in December 1892 and January 1893 as holder of the studentship of Geography founded at Oxford by the Royal Geographical Society and the University jointly. It was originally prepared, as its form will show, with a view to its being read as a paper at one of the meetings of the Society. I found, however, that it would be impossible, without sacrificing the necessary closeness of the argument, to bring the matter within the compass of such a paper as could be read viva voce. I have throughout this paper confined myself almost entirely to the use of the first person, because I feel that were I to have adopted the impersonal it I should have seemed thereby to claim a general authority for statements and conjectures which are purely my own and founded on my own observation. The selection of Boeotia as a field of work was due to the suggestion of Mr. R. W. Macan, of University College, Oxford, Reader in Ancient History, to whom I owe a further debt of gratitude for having, with his usual kindness, read through this paper in its MS. form, and for having helped me by criticising certain details contained in it. The practical difficulties which I should have experienced in making arrangements for my journey after arriving in A thens were entirely removed by the kind help of Mr. Ernest Gardner, Principal of the British Archaeological School at A thens. G. B. GKUNDY. BBASENOSE COLLEGE, OXFOBD.
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