The Cities of St. Paul


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Author  Sir William Mitchell Ramsay
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  502

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The subject of these lectures has proved much larger than was anticipated in my original plan, and I have been obliged to omit the Pauline Cities of the Aegean coasts, important as they were in StP aul scareer, and to refrain from discussing his words and metaphors, as I had hoped to do in Part VII. Parts III. VI. treat the same subject as was handled in Chapters XII. XV. of the Introduction 10 the Historical Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians; but, whereas there the aim was to collect a Dthe information that could be gathered about the Galatian dlies, here the object is to understand the character of each as an experiment in the amalgamation of Asiatic and European in a social organism, and to ipreciate the unity which runs through its history om century to century. I add a confirmation the view stated in p. 204 f.
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