Plutarch's Cimon and Pericles, With the Funeral...


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Author  Bernadotte Perrin
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 10, 2012
Pages  308

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CoNTRAEY to my expectations nine years have passed since the first vohime in this series was published, Plutarch s The7nistocles and A ristides. At that time four volumes were planned, a Cimo7i and Pericles, a Nicias and A lcihiades, and a Demosthenes and A lexander, to follow the first. I must now be satisfied with the fifth century b. c, in this study of Greek history from the original sources by means of Plutarch, and omit the last volume, although I have made many studies and collected large material for it. The third volume, the Nicias and A lcibiades, I think can follow soon, if my sight is spared to me. There will then be accessible to students and teachers of Greek history, in popular form, material for the critical study of the greatest century in the history of A thens, arranged in connection with biographies, by the Prince of Biographers, of the six greatest Athenian statesmen of that century. While my chief aim is now to interest and aid students and teachers of Greek history, I also seek to gratify and satisfy, so far as in me lies, the lover of Greek literature and of Plutarch. Such an one need not be distracted or offended by the critical analysis of the great biographers ideal ethical portraits in search of trustworthy historical residuum. It is only the dearth of other testimony that drives the historical student to such treatment of a purely artistic product. No one could be more conscious than Plutarch was of the difference between artistic ethical portraiture and the writing of history. The first only he essayed, and in this field became the worlds greatest master; the second he eschewed.
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