Letters on Greece


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Author  M. Savary
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  426

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Homer, of Socrates, and fo many other great men whom their virtues or talents have immortalized, has a claim to the love and veneration of all ages. The traveller of fenfibility, led by the enthufiafm infpired by thofe places, once the theatre of fo many memorable events, will long continue to vifit them. But, alas !inflead of a free, learned, and warlike people, he will find pufillanimous and ignorant flaves ;inflead of flourifhing cities, he will meet with nothing but heaps of ruins, and fcattered and mutilated marbles, inflead of the famous monuments of ancient genius. Yet if his refearches be conduced by found fenfe, if he be exempt from prejudices, and corredl in his defcriptions, even this contrafl will fupply interefling objeds and ufeful truths. You already have a glimpfe. Madam, of one part of the fcenes about to open to your view. The obfcurity, indeed, in which they are enveloped, does not permit you to difcera their eflecls.
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