Herodotus; 9, Sexxes, Plataea


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Author  E. S. Shuckburgh
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  232

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Herodotos contained in this book embrace the history of the Persian invasion of Greece from the Spring of b.c. 489 to the final repulse of that invasion at Plataea. This forms an episode in the great struggle sufficiently complete in itself to be read separately with full interest, either for the sake of its story or as an introduction to the language and manner of Herodotos. My aim has been to enable any one using my book to find in it all reasonable help in both these respects. Much of historical explanation and observation which is usually found in notes has been put together in the Historical and Geographical I ndex, the design of which has been especially to bring before the reader the circumstances of the time, the mutual relations of the various states of Greece, some indication of the origin of those relations, and the influence and aims of the leading personages engaged. Though only a very few notes on the more important variations in the text have been appended, yet the text s. H. IX.
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