The Iliad of Homer


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Author  Homer Homer
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 2, 2012
Pages  204

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In the preparation of this edition of Pope s Iliad the first edition has been followed even in punctuation and spelling. It is thought that the student will not be disturbed by finding such things as crest for crossed, sate for sat, controul for control, but that the presence of such forms will throw light upon the usage of Pope stime, and preserve a color that is apt to be lost when the modern forms are inserted. When, however, any old form in punctuation or spelling seems likely to produce confusion, a note has been made. Since some of the mere mechanical forms would confuse the eye, and give serious trouble in the appreciation and enjoyment of the text, common substantives have not been capitalized, nor proper names italicized. For the same reason it hip been thought wise to use quotation marks.
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