In the Levant


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Author  Charles Dudley Warner
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  400

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Egypt and the Levant. The first portion of the journey is described in a volume published last summer entitled My Winter on the Nile, among Mummies and Moslems ;the second in the following pages. The notes of the journey were taken and the books were written before there were any signs of the present Oriental disturbances, and the observations made are therefore uncolored by any expectation of the existing state of afiairs. Signs enough were visible of a transition period, extraordinary but hopeful; with the existence of poverty, oppression, superstition, and ignorance were mingling Occidental and Christian influences, the faint beginnings of a revival of learning und the stronger pulsations of awakening commercial and industrial life. The best hope of this revival was thei, as it is now, in peace and not in war. C. D. W. HutTTOBD, No Tember 10,1876.
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