Governing Capitalist Economies


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Author  J. Rogers Hollingsworth
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 1, 2012
Pages  308

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List of Cartoons and the Descriptive Notes Portrait of Louis Raemaekers -- -- Introduction Francis Stopford An A pprecution from the Prime Minister -- H.H. Asquith Christendom After Twenty Centuries -- Francis Stopford AS table Peace Eden Phi Upotts The Massacre of the Innocents -- -- B. Charles Vivian Bernhardiism Hilaire Belloc From Liege to A ix-L a-C hapelle -- -- Francis Stopford Spoils for the Victors Hilaire Belloc The Very Stones Cry Out Bernard Vaughan, S. J. Satan s Partner G.K. Chesterton Thrown to the Swine The Dean of St. Paul s The Land Mine Herbert Warren Tor Your Motherland Eden Phi Upotts The German Loan E. Charles Vivian Europe, 1916 G. K. Chester UmT he Next to Be Kicked Out Dumba s Master -A rthur Pollen The Friendly Visitor H. De Vere Stacpook To Your Health, Civilization! -- .T he Dean of St. Paul s Fox TmpiTZ Preaching to the Geese -- -H erbert Warren The Prisoners Eden Phi Upotts It s Unbelievable -H ilaire Be Uoc Kreuzland, Kreuzland Uber Alles -- -T he Dean of St. Paul s The Ex-convict Hilaire Be Uoc Miss Cavell G.K. Chesterton The Hostages John Oxenham King Albert s Answer to the Pope -- -E. Charles Vivian The Gas Fiend Eden Phi Upotts The German Tango John Buchan The Zeppelin Triumph W.L. Courtney Keeping Out the Enebiy H. De Vere Stacpoole The German Offer -H ilaire Belloc The Wolf Trap Herbert Warren Ahasuerus II ---.--- John Bttchan Our Candid Friend The Dean of St.
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