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Author  Xenophon Xenophon
Publisher  Forgotten Books
Publication Date   July 13, 2012
Pages  596

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Geography of tne Persian Empire ii. Historical Sketcn iii. Civilization of the Persians II. THE EXPEDITION or CYRUS: Narrative of the Up-marcn and Retreat PAGE IS I4 20 III. THE GREEK ART or WAR xr THE TIME or rms RETREAT: i. Organization of tne Army 27 ii. Equipment of tne Soldiers 30 iii. Provisioning and Pay of the Soldiers 33 iv. The Army in Camp 34 v. Tue Army on the Marcn 35 vi. Tne Army in Battle 36 vii. Tactics of Siege and Defence 38 viii. Tne Greek War-snips 39 IV. XENOPHONZ i. Life of Xenophon 41 ii. Writings of Xenophon 44 V. Co NrEN rs or THE ANAB isis: The Dates, General Summary 49 TEXT :BOOK IS l Boox II QI Boox III I zo Boox IV I 5 NOTES :T o Boox I 137 To Boox II 265 To Boox III 305 To Boox IV 343 HELPS ro THE STUDY OF rIIE ANABASIS 393 I moms AND PHRAs Es397
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